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Hello, my name is Sue Everett, and I am a fully qualified level 3 Iyengar yoga teacher and mentor. Born in Australia in 1962, and with a background in classical & contemporary dance, I’ve been practising and teaching yoga since 1990. My 14-year-old dog Alfie joins me too, you’ll see him wandering in and out of the yoga videos or snoozing while I teach.

The Yoga Video Courses

You’ll notice that there are currently three levels to choose from; Slow-Paced, Level 2 and Level 3

Slow-Paced Yoga is sequenced for students who would prefer and/or benefit from a more slowly paced, less vigorous class, without inverted poses. This level is also ideal for beginners. It is useful to have yoga props for this class, such as a chair and a yoga strap etc.

Level 2 Yoga is suitable for the intermediate level yoga student and can generate a deeper understanding of yoga by building your confidence, strength and resilience. Inverted poses such as headstand and shoulder-stand are offered, with clear guidance or alternatives if needed.

Level 3 Yoga offers dynamic Iyengar flow sessions for the experienced student wishing to be challenged by a wider range of asana's, including inversions with variations.

Getting Started...

Advice on how to get the most from your video yoga lessons and improve your yoga!

  • Setting your purpose: regular practice is worth it! Ultimately, it rewards you with more energy and focus for the things and people in your life.

  • Create a space for yourself in which to learn: set out your yoga mat in a clear space and when you first stream the video, start with the introduction & lesson one, moving to the next lessons when you're ready. Repeat as often as you wish.

  • Gradually teach yourself and others that these moments you take each week, to practice yoga, are important for your wellbeing and allow you to be more present in everything else you do.

  • If you are managing an injury, be sure to consult with your health care professional before using these pre-recorded video yoga lessons. It is up to you to accept full responsibility for yourself once you enter the virtual yoga studio for a yoga session. The guidance given throughout each class is on general lines only. It is up to you to adjust your practice according to your individual limitations to make sure no injuries occur. Please get in touch via email if you have any questions. Thank you.

What to Expect...

Doing a perfect dog pose, or any other asana perfectly, doesn’t automatically make us a better person. 

Though, feeling great about landing a new skill in yoga should be celebrated! 

What yoga does best, when practised consistently, is make us feel calmer, lighter and steadier. When our body feels light, expansive, free, some of our emotional and mental burdens that we all carry can be loosened and even dissolve, and for a few moments or a few days, life seems easier to bear.

Yoga can create mental & physical space by attuning our receptivity towards our inner landscape. We give back to ourselves by choosing to fill that new-found spaciousness with gentle thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others.

Gradually, we learn that our breath can anchor our mind within these interior spaces we create through practice. This ability to concentrate deeply, develops over time. We get to know ourselves from the inside.

Like any endeavour, it takes regular practice x

 Yoga & You

It’s good to remember that when we step onto our yoga mat and begin the practice, it is not without struggles. We come up against stiffness, body aches and pains, mental sluggishness. But as we slowly unravel the tensions in our body-mind, and create stability and facility through our yoga practice, gradually we feel as though a warm sunrise touches our body, settles our mind and ignites our deep breath; inviting us to join a new day.

If you enjoy these yoga video lessons, then join me live via my weekly Zoom classes for direct feedback on your yoga. 

See more by clicking this link to my website:

I look forward to practising with you as we step on the mat together.


Sue x

Happy Still_Move Yogi's

  • “Out of all the exercise I do, nothing makes me feel the way yoga does"

  • "Online yoga rocks! I feel challenged in the right way and my mood is always better after a session"

  • “I make the effort to practice the lessons because it helps me cope better with the stresses of my hectic life.”